Space & lifestyle organisation solutions - KonMari Method™

*All tidying sessions can be done in-person or virtually, depending on your preference.

First Steps | Introductory Session 

New to tidying? Here's how you can start!

  • Introductory Session 

  • Craft a vision of your ideal lifestyle & space

  • Experience the KonMari Method™ by tidying your clothes

  • Recommendations for clothing storage solution

SGD$210/ Session (3 hours) 

SGD$70 for each additional hour

Tidying clothes is a great way to

start & hone your sensitivity to joy!

Journey | Tidying Sessions

Introductory Session checked - let's continue your journey.

  • Complete tidying journey of your home using the KonMari Method™ for all categories - books, papers, komono (including kitchen) & sentimental items

  • Build a timeline for completion according to your availability

  • Refine space layout & existing storage 

SGD$210 / Session (3 hours) 

SGD$70 for each additional hour

Approx. 8-15 Sessions for

entire home depending on size 

Joy Spot | Category Tidying

Need help tidying an area in your home or a specific category? 

  • Identifying your joy spot (area/category) - kitchen, makeup, storeroom etc. 

  • Craft a vision of your ideal lifestyle for that space/category

  • Apply the KonMari Method™ to the space/category

  • Curated recommendations for storage/layout

SGD$210/ Session (3 hours) 

SGD$70for each additional hour

Approx. 2-5 Sessions for category/space

depending on quantity of items 

Not sure where to start? Let's chat & find out how the KonMari Method™ can spark joy for you! 





Not tidying your home? Corporate/workplace tidying solutions are available too :) 

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