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As tidying is often associated with spring cleaning or a chore, it is understandable that we don't usually enjoy the process of tidying. We try to tidy like we are running a marathon, finding ways to use as little time as possible to finish the task on hand.


By using the KonMari Method® in your home, you're achieving the sweet spot between keeping what you love and not being overwhelmed by clutter. This process of tidying is a slow but steady one - aligning your belongings to your lifestyle. 

Tidying an entire home can take over 30 hours - depending on the size of the home, the quantity of items and mostly importantly, how you make decisions. Before embarking on this journey, you need to be ready to embrace the process of joy checking each item you have with courage and honesty. 


Therefore, tidying becomes a journey as you move the focus away from discarding/cleaning & find out truly how you want your space to support you. 




Hello! I'm Esther, Founder of Your Tidy Half. 

Your Tidy Half was born out of my passion for tidying and wanting to see people live in spaces that truly support them. I see myself as a partner to my clients - working together hand in hand by understanding their lifestyles, needs and goals.

Using my professional experience in hospitality and office management, I am able to help my clients organise their homes or workspaces to be inviting, aesthetic yet functional.

I am a certified KonMari® Consultant, using the KonMari Method® to declutter, organise and transform spaces. By using the process shared by Marie Kondo, you can discover how joy can be found at home through tidying & how that transformation can impact you mentally & emotionally.

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Clutter affects our mental state. When there is chaos in the space we live in, there's chaos in our minds. When you take that step to have control of your space, you need to invest both time and energy for the process of tidying up.


Some people wonder why you need to pay someone to help tidy or guide you in what you need to let go - shouldn't tidying be natural and self taught? The truth is, tidying is a skill that we all have but we can only be as good as we practise and intentional do. How we tidy (or not) is greatly influenced by the environment we grew up in and methods we have learnt from resources/people around us. 


Tidying using the KonMari Method® allows you to address the relationship with everything that you have. Instead of thinking about what to discard, you focus on keeping what makes you happy.

When you're exploring to learn a new skill like playing the piano - you can learn it by watching youtube videos or from a piano teacher. For tidying, it is the same - the KonMari Method® is no secret! There are many materials out there that allows you to complete your tidying festival on your own.


If you're sitting on the fence and wondering if you're ready to tidy your home using the KonMari Method®, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

- Am I stressed out by the current state of my home?

- Do I spend a lot of time trying to find something that I need to use & figuring out where it was last seen?

- Do I panic tidy and shove things into any free space when people come over?

- Are most of the things lying around at home a result of a "let's put it here for now" mindset?

My role as a consultant is to help you figure all that out, including creating a system that will be simple for you to upkeep after we finish the entire tidying process. With that said, you will need to commit to your new lifestyle of applying what you've learnt!

I'm here to support you in this journey at your own pace & time. When you're ready, start by booking in your 30min Virtual Complimentary Consultation with me! In this call we will:

  • Find out more about your goals for the space

  • Create a timeline to complete your tidying festival

Let's chat & find out how the KonMari Method® can spark joy for you! 





Not tidying your home? Corporate/workplace tidying solutions are available too :) 

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